The best way to enjoy the untouched nature of Onjala is by exploring it on foot at your leisure. You can hike anywhere on Onjala, as long and as far as you wish. The boundaries of the area are marked by a fence. For your safety please remain within the fence. To make it easier for you, we have created a variety of routes. With the help of our map you can compile your own route, and turn this beautiful experience into an individual one. The routes are marked with letters and numbers at the crossings, commensurate with the map. A free trail map is available at the front desk. You can, of course, also walk without using a map. We have a white, green and blue route. Just follow the appropriate color dots on the trail markers. The white route is round about 6 km long, the green 6 km and the blue route 14 km.

All trails start in front of the restaurant. There are signpost indicating the start of the trails. The trails run along both farm tracks and game paths, so please watch where you step, as there are plenty of smaller animals to be found on Onjala. Also please never climb over or cross the border fences. Getting lost here is almost impossible, as the lodge is clearly visible as a landmark from all areas of the farm. Walking here also affords you the opportunity of encountering wild animals up close. On the farm we have various antelope, baboons, ostriches, zebras, warthogs and giraffes, amongst others. They have enough space here and do not feel threatened, so you can generally approach them quite closely. However, please avoid any direct contact with the animals. This obviously includes scorpions and reptiles that may be hiding under rocks.

We recommend that you wear comfortable, ankle high shoes, a hat and sunglasses. Take sufficient drinking water with you. Additionally we encourage you to use some high protection sunscreen, as Namibia has a high UV index. For your own safety also please report to the front desk before you leave; and take your mobile phone with you. Most of the farm has mobile coverage, and in the event that you find yourself too tired to return, we can come and pick you up. Self-guided walking is free of charge.