Have you ever wondered of what the Milky Way consists and how it is formed? Why do stars sometimes twinkle or how far are the stars away from the earth? Then observe at Onjala under guidance double stars, star clusters and nebulae under the crystal clear sky of Africa with one of the world’s best telescopes – a ‘Zeiss refractor’.

Depending on the season, we show you the rings of the planet Saturn, the crescent shape of Venus or Jupiter with its banded clouds and its four major moons.
When the moon is seen in the evening sky you may watch the craters and mountains of the moon with an incredible clarity.

The event begins in the open. We show you how to find the directions, with the help of the constellation of the “Southern Cross”, on the southern hemisphere and how you then can be oriented in the night. We show you some of the typical constellations of the southern sky, and you’ll learn about distances in space. Finally, you get an insight into Greek mythology to the formation of the Milky Way compared to the mythology of the Namibian Bushmen. Followed by that you can then do some observation by the Onjala telescope inside the observatory dome.

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