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Welcome to Onjala

The first impression is simply astonishing. Here, where the dense bush savannah is inhabited solely by animal life, an unexpected opening appears and reveals giraffes, black wildebeest, zebras and oryx congregating to trade the news of the day. Rising above all this is a mountainside, dotted with the pointed roofs of our lodge bungalows. This is Onjala, a gem cradled in the arms of Africa, a place to catch your breath and recharge your spirit’s batteries.

Welcome to this 1,700 hectare private nature reserve, located a mere 40 minute’s drive from Windhoek airport,. It's yours now. Feel free to move around as you like, making friends with everyone or everything that crosses your path. Spend hours floating in the waterfall pool or being pampered and revitalized at our ZenSations Spa. Inside our comfortable suites, you can listen at night while the wildlife sings you to sleep with their own unique lullaby. At breakfast in the garden the next morning, you won’t be quite sure whether it was real or a dream. Onjala can be the opening scene in your journey or the grand finale. Either way, it’s always a time of enchantment within the treasures of the African spirit.

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